Mind Body Personal Growth with Heart Based Practices

Nutrition -Colorful Food - Marisha Schmidt M.A.



Discover a Joyful Relationship with Food and a Healthy Perspective of Both Mind and Body

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Sunset clouds - Energy Cultivation - Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Energy Cultivation


Balance, Transform and Understand Energy for Greater Vitality and More Restful Sleep

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Closeup Blossom Lotus - Yoga Therapy - Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Yoga Therapy


Reduce and Manage Symptoms of Acute or Chronic Conditions with Yoga Therapy

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Mentoring & Coaching

Coaching Mentoring


Lead a More Fulfilling Life Through Mentoring, Cut-Thru, and Coaching


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HEALth Mentoring

Inspiration   Knowledge  Support   Guidance   Balance   Harmony

LET BE Come Into Awareness * LET GO Release * LET IN Change

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