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Education, Training, and Professional Summary

Mind/Body Educator and Practitioner for Personal Growth and Quality of Living

green_leaves-Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Faculty at the University of Notre Dame 20 years

B.A. in Organizational Communications, Purdue University,
Graduated with Honors

M.A. in Exercise Science with Master’s Certification in Holistic Health,
Western Michigan University, Graduated with Honors

Licensed HeartMath Mentor, Life Coach, and Cut-Thru Coach

Certified Professional Yoga Therapist with Integrative Yoga Therapy

Certified Tai Chi Leader with extensive studies in both Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Certified YogaKids Teacher and Facilitator

 Extensive Training and Classes in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior Change, and Energy Cultivation.


Marisha Schmidt M.A.


Looking back on my interests and curiosities as a child I grew them unknowingly into a career and lifestyle. The process was winding, sometimes scenic and often very direct. The roadblocks and challenges became a process of looking inward but ultimately the path has led me into realizing what life can be when fully engaged with a perspective that promotes growth and learning.

Beginning of My Path

My undergraduate degree in organizational communication led me into the business world as a Series 7 Registered Representative, office manager, customer service agent and staffing at two employment agencies. What I felt and witnessed was the product of living a life that often appears successful, but doesn’t feel authentic. In working with clients, customers, co-workers and representatives many times a theme of dissatisfaction and wanting became a clear message where the solution was “out there” or was “down the road.” Often the change came in the form of crisis – whether through illness, finances, loss, or personal tragedy. After years of working in the business arena and finding most of my conversations leading back to a theme of looking for answers that had no clear questions I went back to school to find the knowledge and tools to seek both the question and the answer. Speaking to those questions that often elude us but carry the greatest change and shift from the external to the internal. My graduate work became two years of search and discovery resulting in a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Certification in Holistic Health.

Where the Road has Led Me

My education and experience allowed me to work in both the academic setting with students, faculty, and staff and the community with centers, schools, and local programs. I was able to see this phenomenon of searching outside ourselves with both children and adults in a variety of life stages and a myriad of life challenges and circumstances. The stories are both touching and life changing.

This time my communication degree and experience in business found a voice – one that provided tools in achieving a life that can be lived fully – expressing itself in unique and creative ways. A voice of enthusiasm, often through a “motivational” approach with encouragement, that conscious living can be enjoyable, rewarding, and success comes in many ways. My work now is bringing this balance into a variety of settings; meeting the audience, student, or client where the path finds joy in achievement and success in balance. There is a natural intelligence that often gets lost in to-do lists and “what matters most” is something for later. Alignment is using our natural wisdom mindfully – allowing and supporting change at all levels in ways the mind and heart may not have seen or experienced before.

green_leaves-Marisha Schmidt M.A.

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