Everything Moves…

The Heavens move, the Earth turns, the great tides mount the beaches of the world. The clouds march slowly across the sky, driven by a wind that stirs the trees into a dance of branches. Water, rising in the mountain springs. Fire, begun in the brush, leaps roaring over the ground. And the Earth, so slow, so always there, grumbles and groans in the sleep of centuries.

So too all living creatures. Birds and fish and insects, animals, snakes, and snails have their being in movement, exist by virtue of it, show forth their nature through it.
And humans? We too live in movement. The body a world of movement in itself. Breathing, circulating, digesting and assimilating are all unconscious movement processes, the wonderful motor pattern of life. Within this pattern we lie down, we sit, we stand, we eat, we walk and we run. Our emotions find movement in talking, weeping, laughing, talking and sharing. Our movement is verbal and non-verbal…conscious and unconscious…
our movement is about energy…
Adapted from Mary Whitehouse, “Healing Through Movement”

Conscious Movement

Qi gong - Marisha Schmidt M.A.

The body is a complex and beautifully designed system that can become your greatest communicator towards a healthy and joyful life. When the body becomes dense, the life force that moves through every cell of the body cannot do so fluidly until the density of the physical body is removed. Through intentional movement, breathwork, and guided imagery we help break up the density of the physical body, which allows energy to flow more freely. 
Scanning the body’s energy, we begin to notice it’s subtle cues and whispers, areas that need attention and areas we’ve forgotten. When we check in with the body there is host of messages waiting to be heard, felt and experienced. Through conscious movement we hold our histories, our injuries, our triumphs in a way that is honored. We respect what the body can offer each day and give thanks and gratitude for all that it CAN do. 
From this place of acceptance and compassion our movement becomes an intentional practice to create harmony and balance, find places of comfort and ease in which to grow from, and fully express the body’s language in a divine and cherished way. Our movement is for creating wholeness in all stages of life, in all the challenges life presents, and a vessel to experience our emotions and thoughts. Emotions, like the breath, have a cycle of receiving and letting go, rising and falling, and experiencing and releasing. 
Our physical health is the house in which we hold our minds and hearts. Through caring thoughtful movement, we are better able to perceive the world around us and perform a thousand important functions each day.

Movement, Benefits, and You!

Stimulates muscle center in the brain that stimulates thought and emotion for:
  • Improved Mood and Cognitive Function
Stimulates endorphins for:
  • Decreased Fatigue
  • Decreased Pain
  • Feeling of Euphoria
Increases alpha brain wave for:
  • Highly Relaxed State
  • Increased Creativity
  • Increased Alertness and Focus
Slows down and possibly reverses age-related declines in cognitive performances for:
  • Increased Reaction Time
  • Increased Short Term Memory
  • Increased Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills

    The most simple movements can have the most profound effects.