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Discover a Joyful Relationship with Food
Create A Healthy Relationship with Food, Body, and Mind

Practices and Programs Include

Mindful Eating
Intuitive Eating
Mindfulness Attitudes
The Seven Hungers
Values Clarification
Core Values
Emotional Eating
Behavior Change
Creating Healthy Language

Compassion Practices
Gratitude Practices
Heart Opening Practices
Movement From Within
Relaxing Into The Body
Cellular Memory
Conscious Breathing
Body Image
Stress Regulation

Sunflower Field Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Heart Power is different than will power. Will power is a mental activity.  It can give you a little momentum, but then it fizzles if there isn’t enough heart and emotional commitment behind it.  This is because your heart brings in the intuitive intelligence and power of your spirit, which is stronger than just trying to discipline your habits from the mind and will power. ~ HeartMath

Presentations, Classes, Sessions, and Practices Combined with Holistic Health, Yoga Therapy, Mentoring, Coaching, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Mindfulness with Communication Skills for Core Values

Individual and Small Classes
Ages Children to Seniors

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