Sing Your Heart’s Song – Your Greatest Communicator
We have three brains with three nervous systems – the head, the heart and the gut. The one with the greatest influence is the heart. It is our greatest communicator and most efficient way to shift our emotions, energy, and thoughts (HeartMath). We know this from the language we speak and feel.  Put your heart in it, sing your heart out, play your heart out, my heart goes out to you. We don’t say put your brain/gut in it, sing your brain/gut out, play your brain/gut out, my brain/gut goes out to you. This begs the questions: do you live from your heart and do you the let greatest communicator create your song?
In this season of love put your heart first. When you live the path your heart knows, you create the life you were meant to live. Feel your heart song – sustain – radiate it – it will be felt by others. When you live on path you guide and mentor others through your actions and presence. Biofeedback can measure it and others can feel it.
Make this a time to not only inquire about your own heart but also to connect to the seasons of the heart. The heart will guide you through life changes that take you deeper into your soul’s song – bringing clarity and understanding – to the challenges that we all face. 

Take Refuge – Coming Home to Peace
Not only is it our greatest communicator but is the place to take refuge when life is seeking balance. In honoring the harmony of nature, we open our hearts to our experiences, but we also need to take refuge in the sanctuary of solitude and peace that lies within. 
This balance creates a cycle for change that flows from our own truth instead of others. So often we force the heart to exist from the mind’s perspective with rigid guidelines, standards, and expectations from others. We feel the strain and tightening as our voice becomes a whisper and our heart closes to life. We feel suffocated and soon the experience of YOU becomes lost in the chaos of protection, guarding, and shielding. Regret soon follows until light, compassion, and understanding is once again restored.  
Heart values are the guiding emotions and mental attitudes that create meaning and purpose. They encompass qualities of strength, resilience, courage, truth, love, compassion, kindness, respect and many many more.  They create the essence of feeling aligned, energized, connected, and focused with our core values and experiences.
When our experiences are lead from the mind, with the heart only as a last-minute thought, the quality is one of being short-lived, diminishing in time, and often a sense of emptiness until the next wave of attachment begins again. But when the mind uses the heart as it’s guide our quality is one of sustainability, timelessness, and joy. We can reach back in time and know that the memories that come from the heart will always keep us company and light our way in the face of challenge. They fuel our courage when change is on the horizon and what we once knew no longer exists. It is the difference between feeling connected or disconnected. Our bodies sense this difference. We feel a disconnect and our jaw tightens, our breath shortens, and our thoughts become limiting and judgmental.  We feel connected when our bodies are relaxed, our breath deepens and our thoughts inspire and are of compassion and understanding. 

The Myth Around Emotions – The Fastest Communicator
Often the myth about emotions creates the conflict. We don’t understand what emotions are, what their purpose is, or how to experience them in a healthy way.  We don’t see the influence they have on our thoughts and behaviors and how fast this pathway travels. Emotions are energy in action and are how we communicate and experience our environments.  They signal when we are on our heart’s path or have strayed from our purpose. Nothing more, nothing less. Use them as guideposts to light your way. Learn what they are sharing before the disconnect between heart and mind distinguish the inspiration within you.
The path is clear. Whether it’s a relationship, job, spiritual practice, activity – does it make us feel worse, leave us without insights, or reinforce unhealthy patterns that are merely comfortable or recognizable? Or does it empower, inspire, and create wholeness? The body will respond accordingly to each whether in tension or ease. The body is your mirror. Use it as a light for wholeness. When anger creates change and fear creates safety we feel energized and connected. Our heart has shifted the experience and lead the mind to wholeness. But when anger creates judgment and fear creates shame the mind has lost the hearts capacity to hold life in a bigger container. Our perspective narrows and our bodies react with pain and discomfort. Even in suffering the heart can hold the experience. It will seek understanding, growth, learning, and peace. But without the heart the mind will want to compartmentalize and dissect until there is separation. 
When we spend our days self-regulating emotion instead of finding joy in our experiences we are in toxicity. Change is inevitable and necessary. It is our choice to react or respond and always to learn what matters most to the heart. In life the mind, heart, and body may flow at different paces and one will catch up with the others. There are times when our focus will shift and how we spend our time will follow, but ultimately it is to support personal growth and discovering your own spark. The first step is emotional admittance. Allow and accept…offer gratitude…listen. Find practices and language that support your heart on all levels. Enter the heart through the myriad of doorways you are given every day. Make this holiday about self-inquiry and igniting your heart song. 

Your Doorway Home
What’s your doorway back home: Tai Chi, QI Gong, Yoga, Mediation, Relaxation, Nutrition, Movement, Biofeedback, Coaching, Reconnecting with Purpose, Connecting in Joy, Activities that Inspire? I offer private sessions, group classes, and presentations.
What would life feel like if you were physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected, and spiritually aligned. I offer ways to bring this to fruition in your language, thoughts, behaviors and actions. Release what no longer serves you, understand it’s purpose, and grow into more of you and the life that brings you peace, joy, and happiness. 


Heart Dedication
Dedicated to Pamela Fortner (and her canine best friend). My mother, my mentor, and greatest teacher. We experienced it all and the greatest healing came from knowing that what mattered most was the love and our ability to be present for each other through change, loss, and pain. Thank you for the joy of simplicity and finding happiness in the present moment.  The only moment that mattered.