What are people saying about Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Her enthusiasm for the material, for her students, for living a happy full life, and just her enthusiasm in general.  She was always so welcoming, willing, and wanting to help us.  She truly wants us to have a good life.  She was so nice.  Also, the sleep segment  was very great and informative.  It helped me a lot.

Marisha is AMAZING.  I had a lot of physical ailments and personal issues that hindered me this year.  Marisha was so understanding of everything and did nothing but offer help and assurance in easing my mind and aiding my well-being.  TAKE THIS CLASS if you want to learn ways to reduce your overall anxiety.

Marisha is the best.  She is always so calm and accommodating to what the class may need on any given day and adjusts accordingly.  Her energy is catching and I truly enjoyed having her as my instructor.

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